Obaapa Gyamfua Deserves Eastern Music Awards Gospel Artiste Of The Year

All too soon, the much anticipated Eastern Music Awards (EMA) is set to happen on October 7th at the Eastern Primier Hotel-Koforidua.
Have you ask yourself who is winning the Gospel Artiste of the Year at the Maiden edition of Eastern Music Awards ?
In contention for the Gospel Artiste of the year category are 2fresh4God,Emelia Donkor,Kobby Isaac,Obaapa Gyamfuah,Phil Jay,Davida Afriyie.
Voting is still ongoing and a lot of people have already voted for their preferred gospel artistes but honestly speaking I think Obaapa Gyamfua deserves the Gospel Artiste of the year more than all the nominees in the Gospel Artiste category.

Yess,Obaapa Gyamfua deserves to win the gospel artiste of the year because Obaapa Gyamfua’s presence and relevance was really felt in all aspects of our music industry under the year of review.When it comes to provision of hit and relevant songs,Obaapa Gyamfua seems to have the secret of making hits,good and relevant songs.

Even though Obaapa Gyamfua is struggling to make her name among the top notch gospel artiste in Ghana, she is the finest as far as Eastern region gospel music is concern.

Another significant attribute of a capable gospel Artiste of the year Award winner is performances.And talking about performances,Obaapa Gyamfua is on record as the only nominee who played the most shows in the year 2015 to 2017.

Obaapa Gyamfua’s song ‘Mordechai’ has so far remained on the lips of the young and old age as one of the most played songs on radio.
The Eastern Music Awards will be held at Eastern Primier Hotel on Saturday,October 7, 2017.


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