“Ladder” Hitmaker, Odehyieba Has Done It Again


Ghanaian artiste especially for up and coming artistes to sit down, analyze the preference of the people, predict the content that would make an instant hit, make classic music, release and promote it to the limit, is one of the difficult challenges facing artistes in Ghana. But trust me, Achea-Syl is doing marvelously well.

The wait is almost over as Hiplife artiste Achea Syl signed on Zaazo Embassy Record Label is seriously prepping to release new music titled “Parke” which features Odehyieba.

According to multiple sources,the superstar is set to debut the first single from his upcoming  album.

“Parke” is a great hiplife song which can be played at all occasion because it’s content and groove.

Achea Syl’s presence and relevance was really felt in all aspects of our music industry under the year of review.When it comes to provision of hit and relevant songs,Achea Syl seems to have the secret of making hits,good and relevant songs.

Talking of shows he played,I will need extra sheets if I try to mention all.

And with Wisa Odehyieba on this song,you can imagine the kind of package you are yet to listen.


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