Maccasio Sabotaged By Bloggers After MTN FA Cup Finals Performance

An unfortunate occurrence which almost mar the beauty and flow of the just ended MTN FA Cup Final at the Tamale Sports Stadium was power cuts causing technical hitches during the event.

Just when the northern star Maccasio was about to perform for the second time, an unexpected power cut resulting in technical hitches which reportedly lasted for some minutes halted the event. Organizers worked tireless to restore the problem for the event to continue. Just when everybody thought the problem had been solved, it tripped again immediately Maccasio’s name was mentioned to perform.

It’s alleged the wrong song was played during Maccasio’s performance But Maccasio, who is so proud of his roots and acknowledging his fans in every single song proved that he is one of the best performers in Ghana upon all the challenges he faced when he was called.

Before Maccasio’s name was mentioned, patrons were ready for a real turn up party with their loyal home support. Maccasio wowed fans even though there was power and technical problems at the Tamale Sports stadium over the weekend during the FA Cup finals.
After his performance, there were earlier informations that, Macassio could not even start his rap line when organizers of the program asked him to stop to make way for the second half of the FA Cup between Kumasi Ashanti Kotoko and Accra Hearts of Oak, according to

But the truth of the matter is, that popular blogger has been heavily paid by rivals to heavily m tarnish the image of King Maccasio online.Lately,he has been putting up articles to ridicule Maccasio on his blog because he has been paid. It is pathetic that some people in this country will fall for anything to make ends meet. Shame on such bloggers selling the truth for money.
Meanwhile, organizers of the show have issued a statement of apology to patrons, sponsors and to the management of Maccasio.


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