Top Kay Insults Kumawood Star Big Akwes

Top notch member of Boss Nation,Top Kay has called on Kumawood star Big Akwes to get himself a manager to counsel him on how to present a show on TV and how to speak publicly.

According to Top Kay,
Big Akwes is a failure.He described him as a paedophile adding that he is not a father,thus,his cognitives are weak.

Top Kay in an exclusive interview with Ghana’s hottest spot for gossips and exclusives news revealed that Big Akwes has been mentioning his contacts(Telephone numbers) on his TV programme saying that the contact belongs to a lady who is searching for husband,thus,men should call and propose to him.

According Top Kay he has been receiving numerous calls from guys proposing to him. But Top Kay has divulged that,he will strike on Big Akwes if things continueslike this.Furious Top Kay adviced the Kumawood actor to have a face surgery before his TV programme.

Mind you, in all these, we kept calling the Kumawood star Big Akwes and his team for their side to these allegations but our effort proved futile.That is, called and called, he never picked the call.


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