Music: Shatta Wale – Disaster (Wizkid Diss)

Today has been a long day for Ghanaians and Nigerians as verbal wars took over social media over something Shatta Wale said on radio about Wizkid. According to reports as written by a Nigerian blog, Shatta Wale said Wizkid is not a super star and he (Shatta Wale) is far better than him.
What really happened was, Shatta Wale said people see Wizkid as a god and he doesn’t see him as such. He further said that, at the end of the day it’s all about money and he has more to show the world if that is all it takes and his fellow musicians can make it if they work harder. In fact, he did not say Wizkid is a bad artiste but he doesn’t see him as a super star p be.
This song titled ‘Disaster’ simply affirms what he said on radio and stood by his words. He said in the song that, he did not insult Wizkid but if they want to take it that way, he is ready for anything. I guess it’s gonna be a longer week than we thought. When Shatta Wale starts, it doesn’t end! Download free music below CHALLE!!!



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