The Bono Ahafo Music Awards nomination form is out and will be closed on 30th of april, the team, J BLACK CODE GH wishes to invite all Bono Ahafo artists to come and pick up their nomination form for free. Artists can apply for the form online @

The nominess into the various categories will be veted out and made public afterwards,

More than 200 Nominatoin forms have already been picked by Bono Ahafo artists which includes big names such as Kooko, Joyce Blessing of
ZYLOFON MEDIA, Red Fyar, Mr Kosoo, Mustafa Mohamed, Cafi Doma and many more…

Speaking to Mr Red Fyar, the hottest reggae artist in B/A, he said he is in fully and will do all that he can to win the ACCOLADE as thus what he has always been fighting for…

From a leak source, it has been made known that, other upcoming artist such as Sebastian Gh, Bonny Freshy, Vessel Frank, Rap Gee, Mic Gee, 2Kings, 3Seconds and many more have vowed to match the big names both to both as they believe music awards is all about funbase and they believe their efforts towards the work will not be wasted but will be praised at the end.

In an interaction with Mr Abubakari Abdul Samed who is a team member of J BLACK CODE GH, He explained that, dates to the Nomination Jams and Nominess Tour will be made known same day as the short listing as well as the short code for voting and many other important dates and venues.


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