Fast rising Music Artist Redfyah known in real life as Abudu kurabaso, a Bono Ahafo internationally based musician Was interviewed by Ghanamusicblog this morning about how the BAMA 2018 Going.. These were his thoughts..

“Well I see Brong Ahafo Music Awards spearheading all Awards schemes in Ghana very soon, regarding strategies by organizers ,,,,,,

very matured way of branding ,,,,,

Good communication team,,,,

Best of all the breakdown of categories specifically seperating Reggae from Dancehall is something VGMA need to learn from BAMA Awards though Dancehall music is a rebirth of Reggae music in no where in the world are both kept in contest NO SIR ,,,,,,

I how ever edge all artist who hail from Brong Ahafo both big and underground to support this scheme for the good of our music and arts carrier ,,,,,,

How ever all artist should also know that ones you are Nominated it tells how hard and good you have worked , it also tells how much your works has been appreciated therefore every Nominee in advance is a winner ,,,, all artist should comply with the outcome of the scheme results as that will be the only way of growing our own.”

Ghanamusicblog, your number one Music, news, Videos blogger will follow up on new developments for your updates on the Bono Ahafo Music Awards Festival 2017/2018.


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