E-News: Wendy Shay is not Ebony, stop the comparison – AFRIKABA RONNIE

Rufftown record has been noticed of grooming young talents to take our music industry to a higher height.

We obviously know the late hitmaker Ebony Reigns got to the lime light through Rufftown Records and its associates. After the sudden demise of the queen of dancehall, Bullet the CEO of Rufftown pronounced the coming of another beautiful and talented singer Wendy Shay to pick the microphone that Ebony left behind to continue their agenda.

Some Ghanains jabbed him saying its improper for him to introduce a replacement at such earlier time.

Beyond the controversies, Wendy Shay just dropped her first single from the writings of Bullet(Uber Driver) After getting access to the song and the video, I have come to appreciate the new talent Wendy Shay and I’m believing she can do better in her own style.

The unfortunate side of it is that, some fans of our beloved Late Ebony Reigns have been criticising Wendy Shay badly by comparing the two talents.

This act is not going to help our music industry since both of them has different voice and appearance. They actually don’t have similarities to be compared which one is good or the other way.

I entreat all music lovers to desist from such behavior and support the new girl to clime the ladder to do more than what we saw Ebony did. The success of Nana Hemaa ( Ebony) motivated many young girls to practice music.

More of successful women in the music industry will attract most of our youngsters to get something better for themselves than depending on drugs,prostitution and other abominable things for living.

To end my thoughts I appeal to all stake holders to help raise more women into the Ghana Music Industry to grace our music industry.


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