News: Grammy Awards Member Sponsors 2018 KamerFEST Music Festival | Ghanamusicblog

Atlanta GA, August 9th 2018: KamerFEST Music Festival just announced it’s newest Sponsor: Grammy Awards
Member Germaine Moody.

He is the organizer of the Annual Pre-Grammy Gala (the Moody Gala), a prestigious
event which happens the day before the Grammy Awards. In addition to being part of the Grammys, he’s also an
Entertainment Executive, Investor, Author and a Philanthropist.

“We’re extremely excited to have Germaine Moody as a Sponsor of the 2018 KamerFEST Music Festival. We’ve
been getting alot of love from the American Entertainment Industry.

The KamerFEST Music Festival is all about
showing America what Urban African Music can do.” said DB Ndip, founder of the KamerFEST Music Festival.
Germaine Moody will lead the Music Business Workshop of the 2018 KamerFEST Music Festival.

Events include the KamerFEST All-White Networking Event (a networking event between the Artists invited
to participate in KamerFEST and members of the American Entertainment Industry), KamerFEST LIVE (the
Live Concert), and KamerFEST Media Day (a day spent doing Media-related activities).

About the KamerFEST Music Festival: An Annual 3 Day African Music Festival which occurs in Atlanta, GA.

It’s main event, KamerFEST LIVE, is a Live Concert which features top African Artists who travel to the USA to

KamerFEST Sponsors range from an African Record Label to American Ex NBA Players to a
Member of the Grammy Awards.
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