Nominees For ITEA 2018 Released

The excitement surrounding the Inter Tertiary Excellence Awards (ITEA)
has doubled as Showbiz Network Ghana, the organizers of the awards
have announced the nominees for the maiden edition of the awards,
today, Saturday September 15, 2018.

The award which is aimed at ensuring positive student attitude while
identifying and honoring deserving Tertiary Students across the nation
who have achieved certain enviable heights, is an annual event with
its maiden event to be staged later this December.

According to Mr. Afunya Kofi Daniel (AKD), the events manager of SBN,
there were a total of 2,744 nominations filed in this year’s edition
of the award. Despite the tough competition for each category, the
Faculty responsible for the event came out with a final list of 208
nominees to be voted for. The breakdown for the various categories
goes as follows:

Social Category – 117 nominees

Arts Category – 62 Nominees

Honorary Category – 29 Nominees


Voting for the various nominees begins on 1stOctober, 2018 through to
17th December, 2018. The process involves six major mediums. The
breakdown of these mediums, percentagewise is given below:

USSD – 50%.

This will involve using an USSD code (OUT SOON) and following a prompt
to vote. The code will be provided on 1ST October, 2018.

All nominees will be tasked to gain 1000 and more votes by this means.
The total income generated from the extra votes (any vote after the
1000 votes) will be split into two, where 70% will be allocated to SBN
for the progress of the award and 30% to the Nominee.


This involves viewing Nominees’ Vlogs (Tasked Videos) and liking
respective videos of the nominees if he/she has best convinced you
about the project. Viewers are required to share links to other
platforms. Each nominee is required to have a minimum of 1.5K likes
and shares combined + 1.5K views.


This involves liking and sharing respective flyers and Project
photographs of the nominees with hashtag #ITEA2018 to trend the event.
Each nominee is required to have a minimum of 1K likes and shares
combined within the period.


This involves liking respective flyers and Project photographs of the
nominees and commenting with a hashtag #ITEA2018 to trend the event.
Each nominee is required to attain a minimum of 1K likes within the


This involves retweeting respective flyers and Project Photographs of
the nominees with hashtag #ITEA2018 to trend the event. Each nominee
is required to attain a minimum of 1K retweets within the period.


This involves voting via our website page. A link will be provided for
individuals to be able to cast their votes for their favorite
nominees. Progress of votes would be indicated by a bar chart visible
to all. Total votes accrued by each nominee would be used in finding
scores for this category.

The above stated percentages give a total of 100 %. Analytical report
of these will be provided to the general public.

The main event is scheduled for 22nd December, 2018. To see the full
list of nominees, click on the documents below:




NB: Nominees List For Academia Category to be released on 1st October,2018.

For further information about the ITEA, visit the official page:

By: Gabla Godwin/ Showbiz Network Ghana

Email: or

Telephone: 0248341613 or 0555115017



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